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Category: PSoC4 BLE

Serial Wire View with PSOC4

I use PSOC4 to invent all kinds of unique solutions for customers. Usually, they want them field upgradeable
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PSoC 4 Flash Write

Summary Last week I got a question from a customer about how to write into the PSoC 4 Flash.
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PSoC4 BLE Central – Using the CySmart Dongle

Summary In the previous article I showed you how to build PSoC4 BLE Central firmware to talk to
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PSoC4 BLE Central Custom Profile w/LED & CapSense

Summary Last week I got a nice email from a Cypress customer in Italy (I think).  He asked
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Pinball: Driving the OLED using the U8G2 Library

In the previous Pinball post, I wrote about getting the OLED going and getting the footprint onto my
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Pinball: The Music Player (Part 1)

After a few days off (Im sorry) I am back to it.  Every Pinball machine does lots of
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