This page is a consolidated list of requests that I have gotten from readers with specific requests for article topics.  You are welcome to make comments on this page and I will add it to my todo list.

ToDo Requests:

  1. Use the USB Bulk Endpoint in a PSOC5 (or PSoC4)
  2. Modify the STDOUT work to include STDIN and STDERR – specifically using sscanf
  3. Copy my template with FreeRTOS
  4. Port uCOS to PSoC
  5. Use DMA with I2C and FAT SL
  6. Make a >2s delay with deep sleep and the WDT in the PSoC4200M
  7. Create a UART/DMA for Tracealyzer on PSoC 6
  8. Explain “volatile” in detail
  9. Fix the PSoC 6 Task Priority
  10. Make a WICED Ethernet Example

Completed Requests: