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Category: Mouser PSoC 6

Lesson 5 – PSoC 6 Introduction: Bluetooth Low Energy

Project Description This project is a PSoC 6 BLE extension of the previous project with CapSense and UART. The
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Lesson 4 – PSoC 6 Introduction: CapSense

Project Description This project is a demonstration of a PSoC 6 running an RTOS using CapSense and the UART
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Lesson 3 – PSoC 6 Introduction: FreeRTOS and a Debugging UART

Project Description This project will show you how to build a PSoC 6 project that is running FreeRTOS
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Lesson 1 – PSoC 6 Introduction: Resources

Summary This is an index with links to all of the PSoC 6 learning resources.  You can click
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Lesson 0 – PSoC 6 Introduction: A Two Hour PSoC 6 Class

Summary This is the top level web page for a two hour class about getting started with PSoC
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