The short story is that this website and blog is about the Internet of Things!  Or more specifically the engineering required to implement IOT systems. Simple eh?

The long story … a bit more complicated.

I have been working for Cypress Semiconductor for the last 24 years.  I started as a new college graduate (M.S. E.E. Georgia Tech) in 1991.  I did a bunch of different jobs including SRAM Design Engineer and CAD Engineer.  Over the course of the next two decades I ran the CAD group, I worked on device modeling, I was the CIO, and then, in 2011, I was promoted to the executive staff to run the Software Development Division.  In June of 2014, in a middle seat on Shenzhen Airline between Nanjing and Shanghai I realized that I was totally burnt and needed to do something else.  So, on July 6, 2014, I resigned.  After a bunch of arm twisting- for which TJ, the CEO,  is famous- I agreed to take a 6 month vacation.

Since I came back to Cypress I have spent my time doing two things; evangelizing the Cypress products, and driving the R+D and apps organization to make the user experience better.

I started this blog while I was taking vacation.  Now I write about what I am working on in my spare time.  I always wanted to write a book, and for now this blog is a substitute for that goal.  It is my objective to write once per week about something real.  I hope it help you.

Alan Hawse from the Banks of the Elkhorn Creek in Central Kentucky


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  1. Hi Alan,
    I just started using PSOC last year after many years of being a loyal Microchip user. I have been doing HW and FW design most of my last 30 or so years. Mainly in an automated or semi-automated production test arena from aircraft, to tanks and now mems microphones. I introduced PSOC5 as the core of our new modular mems tester and so far it looks impressive. We have some pretty tight space constraints and the PSOC has helped tremendously with that. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and that I think I have watch all your videos on the Cypress website as far as PSOC is concerned.

    I also just started delving into the home automation just mainly for my own amusement. So far one Smartthings HUB and a couple switches.
    I think googling on that stuff is how I ended up on your site.

    Wishing you all best!
    Wayne Halcomb

      • I have revived an interest in BLE after re-discovering the cy8ckit-042-ble partly due to the fact that it had the Arduino daughterboard facility. I had the demos working well ages ago and after updating the IDE from the cypress website I could not flash the dongle. Now that I have found the article above I will have another go. Many steps look familiar. The videos are well worth watching – as reminders when I don’t use the kit for a while.
        Big thanks for the videos.

        • Thanks for the nice words.
          You are welcome

  2. Hi Alan my mentor,

    Just let u know that I am among many people checking this blog periodically for example codes and cool stuff. U created an IoT coding universe that most of us can really learn from scratch easily by following your labs step-by-step.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks Harris…

      I hope you are safe in your home city… I have thought of you many time recently.


  3. I manage in BRASOV at the “TRANSILVANIA” University one “CYPRESS – NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS CLUB” (for children’s, students and young people from industry).
    Sustain deeply all your ideas !

    • Thank you.
      Ill definitely try to sustain.

  4. Hi Allen,
    Since being introduced to Cypress years ago, I have been in several jobs where I have brought along my knowledge and use of the PSoC chips. I am glad that you are an ambassador for Cypress. Are you still sticking around with Infineon? I hope that you continue to make great videos to help us all out!

    • Yes I have a whole new series of videos in the planning stages.. I should be recording them in the next couple of weeks. I am hoping to release them all by our next AnyCloud software release.

  5. Hi Allen,
    I use Infineon DAVE at work and startet using Psoc Creator privately. Your videos are very good and helpful. Thanks!
    I also had a look at Modustoolbox.I find this new tool less inspiring. I yust miss the efficiency and ease of use that DAVE and Creator give me.
    Now I really wonder where Infineon/Cypress is heding with their development tools. Will all three tools be maintained further, or is Modustoolbox replacing DAVE and PsoC Creator?

    • Did you find the Device Configurator yet? I think that closes most of the gap.

      I have not been employed by Infineon for 2 years now… so Im not sure what their roadmap is…

      Good luck


  6. Hi Alan,

    Is it possible to use the AnyCloud Bluetooth Advertising Scanner to check if someone has left a smartphone, ipad, or a laptop left in the truck of a car? Thank you!

    • Maybe… or maybe not.
      The iPhone(etc) use RPA so it might not be clear who is advertising.

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