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Month: July 2016

The Creek: Flood Event Web Page

In the previous post I talked about scanning through the Elkhorn Creek MySql database and finding flood events.
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The Creek: Flood Event Data Processor

In the previous post I talked about using JFreeChart to create a plot of the last 8 hours.
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RADIUS + Meraki + Beef Brisket

Last weekend was one of those times I felt like jabbing an icepick in my ear.  My “simple” project
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The Creek: Create the Chart with JFreeChart

It is almost always better to see data in a plot than as raw values.  I knew that
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The Creek: Install Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is a web server that allows you to create dynamic web pages using “Java Server Pages”
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The Creek: Collect Data (Part 2)

In the last post I went through all of the setup work for the I2CDB program.  Now I
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