WICED Bluetooth Using the CYW20719

# Title Comment
0 A Two Hour WICED Bluetooth Class WICED Bluetooth Using the CYW20719 in all its glory
1 Resources Links to all of the Cypress WICED information including videos, application notes etc.
2 Your First Project Making Hello World & the Blinky LED
3 The Super Mux Tool Learning about platforms and the Super Mux Tool
4 Snips Using the example projects to learn Bluetooth
5 Bluetooth Designer Using the tool to customize a project and get going fast
6 The CCCD & Notification Writing back to the Central
7 Advertising  Beacon Building a beacon project to advertise your custom information 
8 Scanner Viewing the world around you
9 Bluetooth Classic SPP Using the Serial Port Profile to Transmit Lots of Data

Source code: 

  • git@github.com:iotexpert/wiced_bt_intro.git
  • https://github.com/iotexpert/wiced_bt_intro


A Tour of the Resources

Cypress is committed to the “Whole Product”.  What that means is that we believe that you should have great software, hardware, dev kits, community etc. experience while using our chip.  So, before we get started Id like to show you all of the learning and development resources available to you.

  1. BLE & Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions
  2. WICED CYW20719 Product Page
  3. CYW20719 Product Guide
  4. CYW20719 Datasheet
  5. CYW20719 Software Features
  6. WICED Module Selection Guide
  7. CYW920719Q40EVB-01 Development Kit
  8. CYW920719Q40EVB-01 Product Page
  9. CYW920719 Quick Start
  10. CYW920719Q40EVB-01 Evaluation Board User Guide
  11. Cypress Community
  12. WICED Studio Bluetooth Community
  13. WICED Studio Bluetooth Forums
  14. WICED Studio
  15. WICED Studio Bluetooth Example Projects
  16. WICED Studio Documentation
  17. WICED Bluetooth API Guide
  18. WICED README.txt
  19. WICED Studio Release Notes
  20. WICED Studio Technical Brief
  21. WICED Bluetooth 101

Bluetooth BR+EDR Connectivity Solutions Page

This pages gets to you all of the Cypress WICED BR+EDR+Bluetooth products

WICED CYW20719 Product Page

When you get the the BLE+Bluetooth products page, then click “BLE+BT” to see just the chips Im talking about here (CYW20719)

CYW20719 Product Guide

The Product Guide is a website that has all (most?) of the links you might need to learn about the CYW20719

CYW20719 Datasheet

The Datasheet always anchors you to the reality of what the chip can and cannot do

CYW20719 Software Features

This webpage has a list of all of the stuff that you have access to inside of the WICED Bluetooth SDK.

And it goes on and on and on from here.

WICED Module Selection Guide

If you feel like building a Bluetooth Product, you are almost certainly going to want to use a FCC certified module.  This guide is a discussion of all of the module vendors.

CYW920719Q40EVB-01 Development Kit

Here is the development kit.  You can see in the picture that this is an Arduino form factor board.  It has a button and and LED plus programmer and UART bridge.  Most importantly it has a daughter card with the 20719 and and antenna.

CYW920719Q40EVB-01 Product Page

The product landing pages for the development kit has lots of resources specific to this kit including the manual and quick start guide.

CYW920719 Quick Start

The Quickstart guide is included in the kit.  Just a single sheet of paper that points out all of the features of the development kit.

CYW920719Q40EVB-01 Evaluation Board User Guide

The Users Guide is the manual for the development kit.  It shows you how to use all of the resouces on the board and how to get going with WICED Studio.

Cypress Community

The community is your anchor for support.  It has all of the documentation etc… and most importantly a vibrant user forum.

WICED Studio Bluetooth Community

The Bluetooth Community website brings together all of the people and product collateral for WICED Bluetooth.

WICED Studio Bluetooth Forums

The actual forum is accessible to everyone to ask questions about the Cypress products.  It is staffed by our technical support team and you will get good answers.

WICED Studio

WICED Studio is the development tool which you can use to build projects.  This will be the central tool used for the rest of this class.

WICED Studio Bluetooth Example Projects

Cypress delivers a bunch of “apps” which range from small examples we call SNIPs to more fully featured projects (in the Demo) folder.  Ill be showing you how to use the in the next set of tutorials.

WICED Studio Documentation

In the “doc” folder resides all of the documentation for WICED bluetooth.

WICED Bluetooth API Guide

The API guide is doxygen generated API documentation for the WICED Bluetooth SDK.


WICED Studio Release Notes


WICED Studio Technical Brief

WICED Bluetooth 101

I have been working with  some amazing people to build a class for learning WICED Bluetooth.  You can find all of the material at https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/CypressAcademy_WBT101_Files

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