This is the top level web page for a two hour class about getting you started building products with WICED Bluetooth using the CYW20719.  My friend Victor told me that I am totally insane and that I have enough material for a semester long class, but I have faith in you.  The whole point of WICED Bluetooth is to make it possible for you to build your own Bluetooth application using the best Bluetooth radios in the world.  Life is too short for flaky Bluetooth!

When I started working on this class the marketing guys asked if they could show a “few” powerpoint slides at the begining.  But I knew that is just a euphemism for power point carpet bombing you to sleep.  That sucks, so we aren’t doing that.

AFH, TDD, ∏/4 DQPSK, ISM, 8DPSK, Symbol Rate, binary FM modulation, dBi, LMP, AMP, Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying,  Modulation Index, ppm, eye diagram, FCC, Frequency Offset, Slot Length, Frequency Drift, Differential Phase Encoding, Pulse Shaping, Modulation Accuracy, Differential Error Vector Magnitude, BER, Sensitivity, Co-Chanel interference, Intermodulation Characteristics, Symbol rate, Timeslot, piconet clock, piconet channel timing,  blah blah blah blah….

Whew… now that is out of the way.  Forget that.  Rather than start at the bottom with the radio and Maxwells equations I going to start at the top.  Cypress has a huge team of radio designers to deal with all of that so you don’t have to.  To be clear, this stuff matter A LOT to how well your product works but it is only the second best reason to use Cypress WICED Bluetooth.  The best reason to use Cypress is that our software team lets you have access to the most robust Bluetooth stack and radio infrastructure without having to figure all that crap out.  You may, in time, dig into all of that.  But none of it matters for building your applications.

This workshop is hands on, as that is the only real way to learn.  This series of web pages have the exact steps that I am going to use, so you can follow along with me.

You will need a few things for the class:

  • WICED Studio 6.2.1 which you can download from the Cypress Community
  • Copies of the example projects which you can get from GitHub.
  • A CYW920719Q40EVB-01 which you can get from Mouser
  • A Terminal Program like Putty
  • CySmart, a Bluetooth GATT DB Browser for Android (Google Play Store) or iPhone (Apple App Store)
  • The courage to be WICED!

Todays virtual workshop is going to go like this:

WICED Bluetooth Using the CYW20719

# Title Comment
0 A Two Hour WICED Bluetooth Class WICED Bluetooth Using the CYW20719 in all its glory
1 Resources Links to all of the Cypress WICED information including videos, application notes etc.
2 Your First Project Making Hello World & the Blinky LED
3 The Super Mux Tool Learning about platforms and the Super Mux Tool
4 Snips Using the example projects to learn Bluetooth
5 Bluetooth Designer Using the tool to customize a project and get going fast
6 The CCCD & Notification Writing back to the Central
7 Advertising  Beacon Building a beacon project to advertise your custom information 
8 Scanner Viewing the world around you
9 Bluetooth Classic SPP Using the Serial Port Profile to Transmit Lots of Data

Source code: 



WICED Studio 6.2.1

This class is build around WICED Studio 6.2, the Cypress IDE built on top of Eclipse.  WICED Studio has all of the tools, examples and SDKs to build projects for the Cypress WICED Bluetooth and WiFi products.  We support Windows, Mac and Linux and you can download it from our community website: (which I hope you have done by now)


I am going to build and program all of the projects in this class into our development kit, the CY920719Q40EVB-01.  This development kit (which you should buy from Mouser) uses the Cypress CYW20719 Bluetooth chip.  This is the worlds best Dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0 chip.  Dual mode means that it does Bluetooth Classic BR/EDR as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.  Even better it can do both standards at the same time.

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  1. Hi!
    You did a wonderful job of walking through the WICED platform and helping with most of the issues I had starting out. I am wondering if you have any suggestions or know of any resources for building an a2dp source using a similar Cypress module? If you are still working with Cypress, I would greatly appreciate some help.

  2. Maybe (probably) I’m an idiot but I can’t find the content. When I click on lesson 0 it links me back to this page with the summary.

    • yup… I’m an idiot. I get it now.

    • I see you sorted it… can you think of a way for me to make it clearer? If so Id like to do that…

      Hopefully you are off and running.


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