You have to start by admitting you have a problem

OK, it looks like I’m on the right track.

But, that made things worse in other ways.


Let’s make some progress on the power.

Having a lab assistant is awesome


You can see:

  1. My new work Windows laptop
  2. My personal Mac
  3. A 4K display that is switched with a KVM under the desk
  4. The Jetson Nano that I am currently working on
  5. The Thunderbolt hub connected to my Mac
  6. A beautiful antique magnifying glass
  7. A Weller soldering iron
  8. An amazing Leica microscope
  9. My Linux box (under the desk).  It is attached via display port to the monitor – but it is mostly logged into via the network
  10. A paper protractor that my daughter made when she was little
  11. A paper Go Dad flag made by my daughter when she was little
  12. UK (BSEE) & Georgia Tech (MSEE) Diplomas
  13. Part of my photojournalism portfolio
  14.  My new work phone on the wireless charger
  15. A pack of post-it-notes
  16. A paper tracing of my Katana done with the NBTHK Hozon

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