Embedded World 2017: Summary

I will be at Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany next week.  For some crazy reason the powers that be at Cypress seem to think that it is a good idea to hand me a microphone.  For the last several trade shows I have done live demonstrations of Cypress chips, which seem to get a pretty good crowd.  Here is a video of me talking at Electronica 2016:


Here I am two years ago at Embedded World 2015.  Unfortunately there were more people there watching me talk than have viewed this video!

Over the next couple of days I will post the pictures, schematics and source code for the projects that I will be showing.  If you are there you should definitely come see me as I give a good Ginsu Knife show… and I will be giving away development kits.  Best of all there is a new chip coming that I am going to get to show off … a very remarkable IoT offering that will put us in the lead (and if you are reading this you will get some early insight into).

At Electronica last fall I showed I showed Cypress PSoCs doing CapSense and Servo Motor Control over a WICED WiFi link.  You can read about that stuff here.  It was a really good demonstration, and everyone thought that was fun, but I always regretted that I didn’t send the data to the cloud.  Here is a picture of the architecture  that I was planning to build for that show, but I cut out the trip to Amazon AWS and replaced it with a TCP/IP Server running on the WICED chips:

Embedded World 2017: Demo Architecture

This time I am going to go all the way.  In addition there will be a Development Kit for a new product that we are announcing at the show.

The bottom line… for this live demonstration of Cypress awesomeness I am going to use

  1. The CYW943907AEVAL1F WiFi board as connectivity to the Amazon Cloud.WICED 943907AEVAL1F
  2. The Top Secret new development kit with a really fun new chip that we have all been waiting for  (notice the Type-C connector, Mutal Cap Capsense Sensors, that might be an antenna at the top and for sure there is something cool under that post-it-note)A amazing new Cypress Development Kit
  3. The Cypress Analog CoProcessor AFE Shield Board… which I will be talking more about in future posts, but is built with the PSoC Analog CoProcessorCypress PSoC Analog CoProcessor
  4. The CY8CKIT-145: As a CapSense User Interface Cypress CY8CKIT-145

Over the next 3 days Ill post the intermediate steps of building the project.  I am flying to Embedded World 2017 on Sunday so I am going to need to get rolling.

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