Percepio Tracealyzer – Running on PSoC6


I have been having an excellent experience with Percepio Tracealyzer on PSoC4, so now, the next question is, “Will it work on PSoC6?”  The answer is yes, but it takes a few gyrations.  In the next two Articles I will show you how to use Tracealyzer on PSoC6 with:

  1. JLINK and Snapshot mode
  2. JLINK and Segger RTT in Streaming Mode
  3. A PSoC6 DMA –> UART Streaming Mode

In order to make these work you need to

  1. Make a new project and integrate the Trace Recorder Library
  2. Modify trcConfig.h
  3. Install the JLINK
  4. Build the project & test

Create a new PSoC6 project & Integrate the Trace Recorder Library

The process of integrating the TraceRecorder library is very similar to PSoC 4.  You need to add the include directories into your project.  Right click the project and pick “Build Settings…”

Click on the “Additional Include Directories”

Then add the two TraceRecorder include directory and the StreamPort include directory.

Next you should copy the configuration header files into your project so that you can edit them.  You can copy-paste them in Windows Explorer from “TraceRecorder/config” into your project

Next add the TraceRecoder .c and .h files into your project by right clicking “Add –>Existing Item..”

You need the .c and .h files from

  • yourproject/{trcConfig.h, trcSnapshotConfig.h, trcStreamingConfig.h}
  • TraceRecorder/*.c
  • TraceRecorder/include/*.h
  • TraceRecorder/streamports/Jlink_RTT/include/*.h
  • TraceRecorder/streamports/Jlink_RTT/*.c


Modify FreeRTOSConfig.h & trcConfig.h

The next step is to modify FreeRTOSConfig.h to include the trace recorder header.   Copy this block of code into the bottom for FreeRTOSConfig.h

Update the FreeRTOSConfig.h to turn on tracing.

Then modify trcConfig.h to include the CMSIS Core headers.

The first time that I did this, I tried just #include <project.h> but if you do that you will end up with hundreds of errors and hours and hours of trying to figure out what is going on.  It turns out that the FreeRTOS is picky about the order in which files are included.  And when PSoC Creator makes the project.h it assumes that the order of includes doesn’t matter.  I fixed this by just including the “cy8c6347bzi_bld53.h” header which just? has the CMSIS files.

After fixing that mess, I modify the trcConfig to specify that I am using a Cortex-M processor (actually two of them)

Ill start the project just using Snapshot mode

To start the testing I created a really simple, single task blinked led program in main_cm4.c. The only thing that you have to add is the “vTraceEnable(TRC_START)” to turn on the TraceRecorder.

Testing Percepio Tracealyzer

To start with I setup snapshot mode.  I wasn’t sure exactly what the memory map was for the new PSoC6.  But I did know that PSoC Creator copied in a linker file (actually 3 linker files) and that if I looked in the file I would find the memory map.

When I opened the GCC linker file “cy8c6xx7_cm4_dual.ld” I found the memory map for the chip.

To make read the Percepio Tracealyzer snapshot you need to select “JLink -> Read Trace (Snapshot)”.  When you do that, it asks you where the RAM is on that device.  I simply copy from the linker file the start and length of the RAM

After that I get the trace.

The next thing to do is modify the trcConfig.h to switch to streaming mode:

After I reprogram my CY8CKIT-062 BLE, then “File->Connect to Target System” I end up with a nice stream of data.

And when I look at the stream it says that things are working just as expected.

Im not sure what its next.  Maybe I will make a DMA/UART version so as not to require the JLKINK.

As always you can find all of these projects on the IotExpert GitHub site or

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