A bunch of pictures of the unboxing of my new Keithley DAQ6510.  DAQ stands for Data Acquisition.  This box is essentially a 6.5 digit multimeter with a 20+ channel multiplexor attached.

The Story

My lab assistant, Nicholas, says that Unboxing is big in social media and that I really need to do an unboxing for IoT Expert.  Well here it is.  As I am sure you know, I have been working on a power supply design for a new IoT device.  As part of this I needed the ability to measure voltage and current from several different places and my trusty Fluke wasn’t going to be able to do that.

I bought this from my good friends at Mouser.  Here is the box.

When you open it here is what you see.

If I take everything out there is

  1. The meter
  2. Some test leads
  3. The manual
  4. a USB cable
  5. And a calibration certificate

On the back there is two places to plug in multiplexers + a LXI ethernet connection, power, USB, two BNC triggers, and a communication port.

It is always fun to tear off the film over the screen.

On the top there is a label with QR codes to documentation and software

When I turn it on, the system boots…

And then drops into DC voltage measurements.  Good new is that it measures 0

Unfortunately I very quickly ended up with the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

So I downloaded and installed the latest firmware (and it now seems to be stable).

When I turned on the current measurement with a PSoC 6 (in LP Active Mode)… I get numbers that make sense.


And this is cool… when I side swipe the screen it get a graph of the last 5ish minutes.


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