This week as I looked back on 2016, I decided to evaluate where I have been with my project and what the future should look like.

I started this website in the fall of 2014 when I was on vacation from Cypress.  In that first 4 months I made 14 posts, which, at the time, I thought was an OK start even though my original goal was to post 2x per week.  On December 7, 2014 I went back to work full time at Cypress and I let things get out of control in my personal life.  One signal of that problem was only two posts during 2015.  At the end of January 2016, I decided that my only goal for this site would be to post once per week for the  rest of the year.  I far exceeded that goal by completing 76 posts.  During 2016, I also started the @askiotexpert twitter feed as well as becoming the first or second google hit for “iot expert” and “iotexpert”.  In terms of opportunity for my website, the best thing to happen was the acquisition of the Broadcomm IoT group by Cypress.  This gave me easy access to WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee.  All three of these technologies will play a big role in the coming year.

All-in-all I am pretty happy with the results. But, I think that I have learned quite a bit that will improve your experience for the future.

2016 Data

Topic # Posts Comment
The Creek 21 IOT-ifying the Elkhorn Creek with PSoC
Pinball 19 PSoC component projects, board design etc for the non-profit Newton's Attic
PSoC 4000s 11 Smart IO, BLE and CapSense projects for the PSoC 4000s series
CY8CKIT021 8 A bunch of PSoC projects for the new teaching development kit
Electronica 2016 5 Building up demo projects for Electronica
Personal Cloud Services 4 GIT,MQTT,AMQP,MAC Server, etc.
Maker Faire 3 My experience in Rome,New York, and the Bay Area Maker Faire's
WICED 2 The beginnings of a new series on IoT using Cypress WICED WiFi
Embedded World 1 My presentation from Embedded World
Eagle PCB 1 The most popular post of the year with rules for designing PCBs
Qinsi 1 The second most popular post of the year with temperature profiles from my Qinsi QS-5100 reflow oven

I made good progress with the number of page views and unique users through the year.  Though, it is clear that something happened in September and October that I should look at.

2016 Areas for Improvement

There are three areas that I feel that I should improve on for next year.

  1. Gaps in posts:  There were a couple of stretches where there was a multi-week gap between posts.  I need to make sure and work ahead so that I always have material on the hook to fill in the gaps that occur because of my travel.
  2. Quality:  I need to be continuously vigilant about my writing, grammar, spelling etc.
  3. Searching:  In order to make things easier to find by onsite and offsite (google) search I need to be very deliberate about using titles, tags and meta data.

2017 Goals

For 2017 my goals fall into three broad categories.  First, I want to continue creating (hopefully) interesting, high-quality IOT engineering content.  To that end I would like to:

  1. Achieve 2x/week posts and hit 104 posts for the year.
  2. Create a new video series and post 12 videos.

In addition to the new content, I would like to improve the accessibility of my website by

  1. Deploying a mailing list
  2. Automatically connecting to Twitter
  3. Automatically connecting to Facebook
  4. Developing a Linked-In strategy
  5. Fixing my release process to use best practices for all meta-data

such that I achieve

  1. 10x User Traffic
  2. 10x Twitter followers on @askiotexpert
  3. 10 Google keywords where is a first page hit

Lastly, I want to update and deploy a new brand for iotexpert including logo’s, web page headers, Facebook covers, etc.

This year should be interesting.


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  1. Hi Alan,

    Have you seen
    Really cool way to push data and have some really nice graphs of things like temperatures and Lux light levels.

    Check it out.

    • I haven’t … but another friend sent it… I have been meaning to go look.

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