In the previous post I described the “thing” side of an Axeda IOT implementation.  That “thing” was a simple potentiometer, read by an ADC in an NXP1124 ARM MBED development kit.  The value was then encoded into a JSON message and posted to the Axeda cloud over an ethernet/IP connection.


In this post I will describe the Internet (Cloud) side of their system.  Start by opening and clicking on the little wireless router icon next to the “Your Devices”



You will then have a screen that has the following panels

1. Data Items.  A list of the variables that have been added to your Axeda instance. With links to add, edit and view the data.

2. AMMP Info.  A panel where you can send JSON formatted messages to the server to simulate client behavior.

3. MBED Widget. A graphical representation of one of the data items in a cutesy picture format.



On the data item panel you can

1. See the current value of your data

2. Manual edit the data (by clicking on the pen/pad icon)

3. View a table of the data (by clicking on the alarm clock icon)

4. View a graph of the data (by clicking on the graph icon)

Main "Data Items" Panel
Main “Data Items” Panel
Table of Data
Table of Data
Realtime Graph of Data
Realtime Graph of Data

In my next post I will summarize my experience using Axeda and outline some next possible steps.

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