CY8CKIT-021: The PRoC BLE Firmware

In the next few posts I am going to show how to build a very simple BLE project for the shield, debug it using CySmart, make an iOS app, and finally make an Android app.  I am going to try to only put in the bare minimum of feature that will enable you to see the whole project work from end to end.  This next series of posts will use

  • LED0: which can be turned on/off from the from the Android and iOS App
  • Button0: which will be displayed as on/off on the Android and iOS App
  • Bootload: you will be able to trigger the bootloader from the baseboard or by writing into the BLE Bootload characteristic
  • The blue LED attached to the PRoC will blink when advertising and be solid when connected

All of this firmware is available as Example10a (for the PRoC) and Example10b for the PSoC4200m in the firmware directory on

Example 10a: The PRoC Firmware

The schematic for this project has two pages.  The first page has everything except for the bootloadble.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.11.35 AM

The second page of the schematic has the bootloadable.  This allows me to “disable” that page if I am not using the Bootloader

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.14.59 AM

The BLE component has the “CY8CKIT021” service with three characteristics one for LED0, Button and Bootload,  The Button has a notify CCCD setup.  All three are uint8s.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.11.56 AM

This program is broken up into three functions

  • updateGattDB: A helper function that can take data as a void* and write it into the correct place in the GattDB.  For example when the app changes the LED0 Characteristic you need to write that update into the GattDB.  This function is generic which will support the same logic on a bunch of different characteristic (for instance when I put in all of the other characteristics LED0/1, Button0/1, Pot, …)
  • BleCallBack: This function  processes the BLE Events
    • Stack on or disconnect: start advertising and start blinking
    • Write of characterstic from Central: store the written value into the GattDB and do something
    • Connect: update the GattDB and turn on the LED
  • main: This function is very simple and forms the main loop of the program.
    • Start the components
    • If there is a remote from the 4200M side then update the GattDB

First, the updateGattDB helper function.

The next block of code is the BleCallback.  One cool thing that PSoC Creator does is give you the ability to #ifndef to remove code when a schematic page is disabled.  In the code below when I have “disabled” the Bootloadable schematic page it will remove that block of code from my firmware.

Finally the last block of code is the main loop


To make this project work I built the simplest firmware that I can think of for the PSoC4200M.  The schematic has only the BLEIOT, CapSense and the LED.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.11.51 AM

The firmware just

  • Starts the components
  • If the capsense is not busy then it updates the Button0 state if it has changed then rescans
  • If the PRoC side writes the LED0 then it updates the state.


Debugging using CySmart

After I created all of the code and bootloaded it into the PRoC I used CySmart to debug it.  Once the board is reset I can see the blinking blue LED that is connected to the PRoC.   When I start CySmart I can see the “C021” board (that is the name I gave the device in the Gap settings:


When I connect to the device and explore the Gatt Database I can see the three characteristics (Boatload, LED0 and Button0).  You can recognize them from the UUIDs that I configured in the component.


When I write a 1 into the LED0 characteristic the Green LED0 lights up.


When I turn on notification for the Button0 characteristic and then touch the button I can see it turn back and forth from 0/1


Now that everything seems to be working Ill move onto the iPhone App in the next post.

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