Hello everyone.  This is lesson 0 of a series of 9 lessons about creating applications for the Cypress CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BLE development kit.  The marketing guys call the class “Designing low-power, cloud-connected IoT devices with PSoC® 6 MCU’s and WICED® Wi-Fi/Bluetooth” … which although a really long name, is a good description of what we are going to do.

What I will do today is take you lesson by lesson through the class and talk about how it all works and what you need to do.  When I built the class it was absolutely my goal to have every button click and line of code described.  That being said,  it is likely that I made some errors.  So, during the class you will be able to send messages to my team who will answer the questions, or ask me and Ill answer live.  If you missed the class, that’s OK, you will be able to watch it on replay.  In addition if you have a question after the live stream is over, leave a comment here and Ill answer.

I will attempt to go slowly enough for you to follow along, but if I go to fast, don’t worry you should be able to follow along with the instructions on this website.

Todays virtual workshop is going to go like this.  Every lesson will have this table in it and you will be able to click to the right place.

Designing low-power, cloud-connected IoT devices with PSoC® 6 MCU’s and WICED® Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

You will need a few things for this class:

  • CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT
  • WICED Studio 6.2
  • CySmart or LightBlue a BLE
  • GoBle an iOS Remote Control App
  • An Amazon AWS IoT Account
  • A WiFi Access Point connected to the Internet


All of the projects in this series of lesson will be built to be programmed onto a CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT.  You can get the development kit from Mouser.  This development kit has a bunch of cool stuff including

  • PSoC 6 – The lowest power, most secure MCU for the IoT
  • CYW4343W – A WICED WiFi Bluetooth Combo Radio
  • S25FL512SAGMFI011 – A Cypress 512Mb Quad SPI Flash
  • CCG2 – A Cypress Type C Controller to manage Power

The CY8CKIT-028-TFT a full color 320×240 TFT display with an ST7789S display controller.

Here is the whole thing together

WICED Studio 6.2

This class is build around WICED Studio 6.2, the Cypress IDE built on top of Eclipse.  WICED Studio has all of the tools, examples and SDKs to build projects for the Cypress WICED Bluetooth and WiFi products.  We support Windows, Mac and Linux and you can download it from our community website: (which I hope you have done by now)

CySmart or LightBlue a BLE

CySmart is a BLE GATT Browser which you can get from the iOS App store or the Google Play store



GoBle an iOS Remote Control App

GoBle is a Robot Remote Control App which can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

An Amazon AWS IoT Account

In order to connect Amazon AWS IoT you will need to create an Amazon AWS Account.  It is essentially free to test you simple applications (obviously there are fees if you deploy many devices)


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