Mouser PSoC 6-WiFi-BT L2 : WICED Studio & CapSense

Designing low-power, cloud-connected IoT devices with PSoC® 6 MCU’s and WICED® Wi-Fi/Bluetooth


In this lesson we will build your first WICED Studio project (the blinking LED)  and make sure that you can program the development kit.  Then we will update the project to include a thread for managing the CapSense block.  This thread will be carried into the other projects.

To implement this lesson I will follow these steps:

  1. Start WICED Studio 6.2
  2. Select 43xxx
  3. Create a folder called L2CapSense
  4. Create main.c and build a blinking LED thread
  5. Create
  6. Create a make target
  7. Build Program and test it
  8. Create CapSenseThread.c
  9. Create CapSenseThread.h
  10. Update main.c
  11. Update the makefile
  12. Build Program and Test

Create the L2CapSense Folder

Create main.c

Right click on the folder and create a new file.  Name it L2CapSense

Insert the blinking LED code into main.c


Create a makefile called

Put the build information into the

Create a Make Target to run the project

Build and Test the Blinking LED

Create/Edit a File called CapSenseThread.c

Create/Edit a File Called CapSenseThread.h

Update main.c

Add a variable to hold the handle for the capSenseThread at the top of main.c

Update the main function to start the CapSenseThread

Update the

Build, Program and Test the CapSenseThread