The last three days at Electronica I have been showing people how to build the Robot ARM Controller.  In previous posts I talked about the process for the Servo Motor controller and the CapSense user interface.


In this post I am going to focus on the TCP/IP Server running on the Cypress WICED board.  Remember that this board performs two functions

  1. An I2C Master which writes data to the PSoC Servo Motor Controller
  2. A TCP/IP Server listening on TCP Port 40508.  The command format of the TCP/IP Packet is a 2-digit ASCII coded hex number representing the position of motor 1 followed by a 2-digit ASCII coded hex number for motor 2 e.g 3240 takes motor 1 to 0x32 aka 50% and 0x40 aka 64% for motor 2

The first section of code (lines 11-14) gets things going by starting WICED and attaching to the network.  The next section (lines 16-26) sets up the I2C Master and creates a standard message buffer (called tx_buffer).  Finally on lines 28-30 creates a socket and starts listening to TCP/IP Port 40508.


The main loop of my server starts by waiting for a valid active connection (line 34-36).  Then when it gets a valid connection it

  • Line 43: receives the data into a packet
  • Line 45: gets a pointer (rbuffer) to the data in the packet
  • Line 46: translates the ASCII data into integers
  • Line 50: frees the tcp pack
  • Line 52: sends the updated position to the PSoC via I2C


All of this source code is posted to the iotexpert GitHub site at

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