This morning I was looking around on the Web… and look what I found,  IoT Expert was site of the day with EEWeb yesterday.  How cool is that?  I had been trading email with Aubrey Kagan about getting this arranged – so thank you Aubrey.

EEWeb is a super cool website thas a lot gong on.  There are articles and example projects, a lot of similar to stuff to what I do. I got introduced to EEWeb earlier this year by a friend of mine, Adam Carlson (the editor) who I met face to face earlier this  year at a Maker Faire.

What I didn’t realize (though it should have been obvious) was this website was the spawn of EETimes, which was for years the classic industry publication.

Here are two screen shots.

IoTExpert on EEWEB


IoTExpert on EEWEB


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