IOT Expert 2017 Year in Review and 2018 Goals


I have been struggling a little bit to write the 2017 year end review.  The basic reason is that although I made a boatload of progress on the website, it has been feeling a little bit like a job.  That being said, I made significant progress on posts, visits, unique visitors and page views.  Also, with the help of Yakob we released a major facelift to the look and feel of the website.

Here is a summary of the data.

Metric 2016 2017 Multiple
Visitors 16156 64493 4.0
Visits 54582 262299 4.8
Page Views 207551 595179 2.9
Posts 76 90 1.2

However, you might notice that I don’t have the goals for those metrics in the table, which as you might guess, means that I was far away from where I was hoping to get.

2017 Data

The data from the web server looks really good with generally increasing numbers of visits and visitors.  For the next year I want to get google analytics going again.

2017 Goals

I copied the following text directly from my article last year called IoT Expert Year in Review 2016 and 2017 Goals

For 2017 my goals fall into three broad categories.  First, I want to continue creating (hopefully) interesting, high-quality IOT engineering content [I think I did pretty well here].  To that end I would like to:

  1. Achieve 2x/week posts and hit 104 posts for the year. [I completed 90 posts… which in hindsight is pretty good, but didn’t meet my goal]
  2. Create a new video series and post 12 videos [I did not make any progress on this idea]

In addition to the new content, I would like to improve the accessibility of my website by

  1. Deploying a mailing list [Not Done]
  2. Automatically connecting to Twitter [Not Done]
  3. Automatically connecting to Facebook [Not Done]
  4. Developing a Linked-In strategy [Not Done]
  5. Fixing my release process to use best practices for all meta-data [Done]

such that I achieve

  1. 10x User Traffic (15,594 –> 69,493)
  2. 10x Twitter followers on @askiotexpert (50–>146)
  3. 10 Google keywords where is a first page hit

Lastly, I want to update and deploy a new brand for iotexpert including logo’s, web page headers, Facebook covers, etc. [Done]

2018 Goals

For 2018, I think that I will strive to make it more fun for myself, with the goal of publishing 1/week.  I hope to create articles on:

  • WICED WiFi
  • WICED Bluetooth
  • PSoC 6
  • RTOS (Linaro, MBEDOS, Apache Newt)
  • FileSystem

I do not think that I will set specific goals for the rest of the data and we will just have to see what happens.