Bosch BMI160 w/PSoC 6 CY8CKIT-028-EPD

Summary I have been working on a bunch of PSoC 6 projects in preparation for some new videos and for use at Embedded World.  For one of those project I need a motion sensitive remote control… and conveniently enough we put a Bosch BMI160 motion sensor onto the new CY8CKIT-028-EPD shield that comes with the […]

FreeRTOS FAT SL FileSystem – Using the FM24V10 FRAM

Summary Last week while working on a PSoC FreeRTOS Project, I looked at the CY8CKIT-044 Development kit that I was using and remembered that right under the Ambient Light Sensor there is a Cypress FM24V10 FRAM.  Way back, I started pushing our Development Kit team to put other Cypress parts onto the dev kits…. and […]

CY3280 MBR3 & WICED CYW943907

Summary In the last Article I talked about the GE Megahackathon.  One of the groups at the event got interested in using a CY3280 MBR3 to send signals via a WICED CYW943907 to the Particle IO server which was connected to a Particle Photon.  I helped them with the implementation and thought that it would […]

PSoC FreeRTOS – Sharing the I2C Bus

Summary I have gotten quite a few questions about my PSoC FreeRTOS series of Articles.  One question was: “I have a bunch of different I2C sensors, what is a good PSoC FreeRTOS scheme to share the I2C bus?”  When I thought about this question there were a number of possible firmware architectures that could be […]

Secret New Chip Driving Motor

Embedded World 2017: The Top Secret New Chip as a Servo Motor Driver

Summary In this article I will take you through the firmware that I will be using to control the Robot Arm Servo Motors.  The Business Unit Manager is being a total pain the neck about letting me tell too much about his new product before the announcement at Embedded World next week.  He is from Indiana, […]