I am headed to Electronica in Munich tomorrow.  Cypress has a maker space in our booth where I will be teaching people how to use our products.  For some reason they always give me a microphone which seems crazy given that I am a bit wild.  The last show or two I have done demos using PSoC BLE.  This time I thought that I would also add WICED to the mix… so what is it going to be?

I saw this video on the Amazon AWS IOT website where their CTO introduces the AWS IOT platform by showing a demo of a robot arm.  The arm is connected to the AWS IoT Cloud (in some magic way) and is controlled by a Leap Motion controller connected to the cloud (also magic).  I hope that both of them were connected using WICED WiFi… but who knows since de didn’t show what was up his sleeves.

I thought that was really lame that he just magically brought the robot arm and controller from under the table and didn’t actually show you how to make it.  I am not really into doing things half ass and I don’t believe in magic, so what I am going to do is show people how to actually build that… live… Ginsu Knife Tiger Style

No magic, other than the magic of PSoC and WICED.  So, the day before yesterday I ordered what I think is the same robot arm… and now I need to write a little bit of firmware.  This is what I am going to build:


The only thing that I am a little bit worried about is getting to the Amazon Cloud from the LTE router in an high radio traffic environment of an electronics show… If that turns out to be a problem then Ill have to figure something else out… which will make life interesting.

Over the several days Ill post the firmware and pictures as I get it sorted out.


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