Mouser Bluetooth Mesh: L7 Modifying the Dimmable Light Code to Add Another Light Element

How To Design With Bluetooth Mesh

You can "git" a workspace will all of these files at or


In this project I will create a Bluetooth Mesh Node that has two Light Lightness Server elements, one to control the red LED and one to control the Green LED.  The purpose is to show an example adding elements to a node.

I will start with the BLE_Mesh_LightDimmable and then modify it to add the ability to control the Green LED as well.

To implement this lesson I will follow these steps:

  1. Make New Application with BLE_Mesh_LightDimmable Template
  2. Program it to make sure that things are still working
  3. Modify led_control.h to handle two LEDs
  4. Modify led_control.c to handle two LEDs
  5. Modify light_dimmable.c to update the Bluetooth Mesh Configuration
  6. Test

Make New Project with BLE_Mesh_LightDimmable Template

Use File->New->ModusToobox IDE Application

Pick the “CYBT-213043-MESH”

Choose “BLE_Mesh_LightDimmable” and name your project “VTW_RedGreen”

Click “Finish”

Program it to make sure that things are still working by clicking “Launches -> VTW_RedGreen Build + Program”

After it is downloaded you can see that it boots.

Press “Start Scan”.  After a while you will see that it found the device.

Now press “Provision and configure”

Modify led_control.h

The files led_control.h and .c are used to manage the LED.  I will extend the led_control_set_brightness_level by adding the ability to control two LEDs – a Red and a Green

Modify led_control.c

Now I need to hook up a PWM to the Green LED.  I will use PWM1 (notice that I also change the PWM_CHANNEL to _RED and _GREEN)

The led_control_init function is used to setup the hardware.  Specifically to configure the two PWMs to be attached to the correct pins.

Finally, I modify the …set_brightness… function to handle Red and Green.

Modify light_dimmable.c

Now I need to add a new element to the mesh_elements array.  Before I can do that, it need to create new element array called “mesh_element2_models” with the model that I need.  Notice that I also change the original code to have _RED

In the mesh_app_init function you need to initialize the new light lightness server model. We will use the same message handler for both light lightness server models.

Search and replace all of the “led_control_set_brighness_level(attention_brightness);” to be “led_control_set_brighness_level(RED,attention_brightness);”

The last step is to update the mesh_app_process_set_level callback to handle the two cases.


Do a “Node Reset” to remove the old node from the network.  It doesn’t really matter… but I find it less confusing to have it gone.

Program the kit using the launch “VTW_RedGreen Build + Program”

Press “Scan Unprovisioned”

Press “Provision and configure”.  It takes a minute.  When it is done you will see “…done” in the trace window.

Now I can “Control” the two LEDs.  Notice that the address of the first one is 0002 and the second is 0003.

When I do “Set” I can turn on the Green LED.