A New Logo Design Contest for IoT Expert (Part 2)

You might have noticed that today the IoT Expert website looks completely new.  And, you would be right.  The whole thing has been re-done.  Why?  There are a lot of reasons, but the bottom line is that I changed my mind.  When Yakob Dedi posted his original design to the 99designs contest I immediately thought, “Wow, that is the winner!”  Then when I sent the design around, one of my good friends said that it was obviously the winner and I should stop wasting time with the others.  But, for several reasons, I ended up going with the other design.

But, I regretted the decision.  And every day that went by, it ate at me.  One of the marketing people that I work with originally said the Yakob “IoT Expert” logo was the only choice from the contest that was iconic.  This comment kept ringing in my brain.  Finally I contacted Yakob (aka AnnSir on 99designs) , bought the logo and started the process of switching.  And now, I am much much happier for it.

IoT Expert T-Shirt

It turns out that the switch was not that easy because the WordPress template that I was using was not very compatible with the redesigned logo.  Then, we descended into the pits of hell trying to find a good template starting point.  Yakob looked at 100’s of different designs.  He selected about a dozen that we went through the merits and problems of.  Finally, we picked a template that seemed to provide all of the features we needed.  The WordPress world has a frightening amount of open-source, freemium and paid developers and it is a pain to sort the wheat from the chaff.  It is absolutely huckster-central.

As we worked through the new design, Yakob suggested that I move to icons for the menus.  When I saw his designs I was convinced.

I hope you like the redesign.  Send me email, tweet me or make a comment.