FreeRTOS PSoC Component

Summary This weekend I found myself down a rabbit hole, beating my head on the wall trying to make a USB driver work properly inside of Parallels & Windows 10 on my Mac (which I still don’t have quite right).  While going through that excruciating process I ended up creating 3-4-5 different FreeRTOS PSoC projects, […]

Pinball: Switch Matrix Component (Part 3)

In order to build a test case for the SwitchMatrix component, I first create new project called “SwitchMatrixTest”.  Then I create a schematic with the component and a UART.  Notice that I draw the “external components” of the switch matrix, but I can’t hook it up to the actual component because I never created the […]

Pinball: Switch Matrix Component (Part 1)

In the post entitled “Pinball: Matrix LEDs Component” I took you through the steps to create an LED Component.  In this post I will take you through the steps to do the same thing, create a component, for the Switch Matrix that I talked about in the last post.  Since I did the LED component […]

Pinball: Matrix LEDs Component

In the previous post I showed you how to build firmware to drive the LED matrix.  That firmware is in my TestMatrixBlinking project as led.h and led.c.  All that is pretty cool, but what I would really like is a component that is in a library, that I can configure the number of rows/columns and […]

CY8CKIT-021: Using the BLEIOT Component

Now that we have a component built up, I will build up a test to demonstrate its functionality.  The test will do the following On the PSoC side it will: Read the Capsense Button0.  If it is pressed it will send a “boatload” command to the PRoC Read the Capsense Button1.  Each time it is […]