Pinball: The Motors + Hbridge

When Billy and I talked about making the electronics package for the Pinball machine, I suggested that it would be cool to have some motors.  Mr. Mechanical Engineer’s eyes lit up when I made that suggestion.  There are tons of things that the kids to could with a couple of controllable motors.  You could imagine […]

Debugging SSD1306 Display Problems

Summary This article explains in detail how to use and debug SSD1306 displays.  In this article, I use the Segger emWin library and MBEDOS, but for all practical purposes this discussion applies to all other interfaces to the board including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit, etc.  I will say from the outset that I spent far […]

I2C Detect with PSoC 6

Summary In this article I explain how to use a PSoC 6 SCB to implement I2C Detect. Recently,  I wrote about using the Raspberry PI I2C bus master to talk to a PSoC 4 I2C Slave.  In that project I used a program on the Raspberry Pi called “I2CDetect” which probes the I2C bus and […]

Matrix Orbital GTT43A: PSoC 4 Interface

Summary In the last several articles I have written about how to use and talk to the Matrix Orbital GTT43A.  Now it is time to write some code.  The PSoC4 program that I am going to show you has evolved over time as I added stuff to it.  For instance, while I was working on […]

Matrix Orbital GTT43A: GTT Scripts

Summary As I have been working my way through understanding the Matrix Orbital displays, I think that the whole scheme for programming them is very clever.  The bottom line of this article is that Matrix Orbital created a command language for making things work in the display, then the built the rest of their toolset […]