Debugging SSD1306 Display Problems

Summary This article explains in detail how to use and debug SSD1306 displays.  In this article, I use the Segger emWin library and MBEDOS, but for all practical purposes this discussion applies to all other interfaces to the board including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit, etc.  I will say from the outset that I spent far […]

MBED OS & PSoC 6 & SSD1306

Summary As I wrote about in the last article I have been working to get ready for Embedded World 2019 in a week and a bit.  For my demo, I will be handing out remote controls that have a 128×64 monochrome OLED display that is driven by an I2C SSD1306.  This whole board is controlled […]

PSoC 6, FreeRTOS & SSD1306 OLED Display

Summary This week I have been working with my friend Hassane El Khoury on his hobby project which has the SSD1306 in it. [if you want to know more about the project, leave a comment and maybe he will answer the question].  I have been helping him get a number of things going including this display […]

ModusToolbox 2.0 – Libraries an Example for emWin & Super Manifests

Summary In this article I will walk you through creating a library for ModusToolbox 2.0 that will glue the Cypress RTOS Abstraction layer, emWin, the SSD1306 and the PSoC 6 together.  In the end, the library will become available in the Modus Toolbox Library Manager by creating a Super Manifest file. NOTE:  This blog was […]

MBEDOS Libraries & emWin Configuration Files

Summary I have written a fair amount about Graphics Displays, using the Segger emWin graphics library and MBED OS.  I have found it irritating to do all of the configuration stuff required to get these kinds of projects going.  I inevitably go back, look at my old articles, find the github repository of my example […]