Summary If you have been following this series of articles about the FreeRTOS FAT SL filesystem, you might have read my post called “FreeRTOS FAT SL – Musings on my Implementation”.  In that post I asked myself “Why do I get the error message ‘undefined reference to xQueueCreateMutex’”.  Here is a screen shot from PSoC […]

FreeRTOS FAT SL – Musings on my Implementation

Summary I just finished writing the “last” article about building a FreeRTOS FAT SL filesystem into the Cypress FM24V10 FRAM using a CY8CKIT-044.  My implementation works pretty well…. but I am not really that happy with it.  As I sit here and write this article I am not totally sure what I should do next. […]

FreeRTOS FAT SL – PSoC Example Project (Part 2)

Summary – Examples using FreeRTOS FAT SL In the previous several articles I have written about the FreeRTOS FAT SL Filesystem.  This included using the Cypress FM24V10 FRAM, creating an FRAM media driver and building an example project.  This article will show you the C-functions in “extestfs.c” that are used to actually test the filesystem. […]

FreeRTOS FAT SL – PSoC Example Project (Part 1)

Summary In the previous articles I discussed using the FRAM, and making a FreeRTOS FAT SL media driver.  In this article I will discuss building an example project that uses that work to make a real FreeRTOS FAT SL system example.  I was originally planning on making just one article explaining the example, but my […]

CY8CKIT-044 for FreeRTOS FAT FL FileSystem

FreeRTOS FAT SL FileSystem Porting to PSoC4M

Summary of FreeRTOS FAT SL FileSystem Port In the previous article I discussed the Cypress 24V10 FRAM which I am going to use to store nonvolatile data for the FreeRTOS FAT SL FileSystem.  The “SL” in the name stands for “super light” and was built by HCC Embedded for, get this, embedded applications. In this article I […]