EW21: Lesson 7: WS2812 LED Strip

Summary In lesson 7 we will finish this Frankenstein drone setup by adding WS2812 Strip LEDs.  At the end of lesson one you will have the “WS2812 LED” block colored green.  Here is the architecture: Learning Objectives Have fun by adding another cool library – WS2812 Procedure Create a new project Add the IoT Expert […]

PSoC 6, DMA & WS2812 LEDs – Modus Toolbox

Summary One of my favorite readers, who also happens to be my bosses, bosses boss sent me an email the other day asking about the WS2812 LEDs.  So, I sent him a link to my previous article about PSOC 6 and DMA and WS2812.  He said, “That’s cool and everything… but do you have it […]

PSoC 6, DMA & WS2812 LEDs

Summary At Electronica last fall my project included two strips of WS2812B LEDs.  These LEDs were controlled by a PSoC 4 UDB component that my friend Mark Hastings built.  Here is a link to his project called FunWithLEDs.  That was cool and everything but I wanted to drive the LEDs from my PSoC 6.  The […]


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PSoC 6 Pins & the SPI Port

Summary Recently, I have been helping a reader sort out some code that makes strings of WS2812 LEDs work.  Specifically, this code takes data from a frame buffer inside of the PSoC 6 and drives it out a SPI port via the MOSI pin. I have written about this a couple of times, but,  the […]